March 29, 2017

It is. knot what it seems!

The devine sacredness of nature’s geometry, language, has been supplanted with mathematics and the word.
Mathematics weakly attempts to discover the in plain site with complicated equations, formulas, theories, speculations while obscuring those quantities which are.
The science of discoveries a mere pittance in natures compare with retardation of knowing at each claimed advance.
The word is a scripted formula based in numbers, gematria, engineered to reflect a close approximation of the perfected golden ratio, without being anything more then absurd conceptual ideas rearranged ad nauseam. Sentences are composed formulas, contrary incantations against the devine, placing us outside of our world and into only imagined realms retained by the unseen leash.
It is met with ridicule to see to know, and not to believe, to be sense abled, to communicate at the conscious level without speaking. Such an oppositional state exists that knowing without titling is entirely foreign.
These two parasites one and the same, have infiltrated almost the entirety of human kind.
Their usage continues to supply ever better methods of removing us completely from our nature, this once universal knowing and ability of communication. The inherent system with capabilities far greater than the mythical Babble Fish and all the encyclopedia of Britannia.

January 29, 2014

Corporate persons and the word as flesh

In order for the corporate person to exist it needs words to hold it up and animate it as such.
Words which are in themselves but a construct.
How does the net work?
It’s like a series of walls, except its backwards, law, and its totally encapsulating as a cube.
4/4 timing and such conducted minute by minuet.
The mere form of government is not enough to ensure against despotism.
They only control you when you understand the language.

December 23, 2013

The spirit is real not souled on to you.

Spirited yes, but souled not. For the soul is a parasitic contaminant by which our free spirit energy is captured and chris-tained, harnessed through in-formation, spelled to think on subjects without objection. To live as third party to our nature. Iu
It captures the spirit through imaginings of that which is not real. it captivates and lures by rules. Feeding upon it’s energy until it is being spent to be finally released as a burst upon its hosts demise.
It seems a “man i cure” device to tap that wealth of energy through deception, spell, and sentence.
The ignorance is to not see through it, and as is claimed ignorance of the law is no excuse, so to is the ignorance that law does not exist in truth.
Truth is the only valid truth.
It does not exist in contrived, construed, constructed imaginings of spell binding wordsmiths.
Their sentence are not valid are not true.
And what’s not true is but UN construe.
The book from in witch word it is construct
To this point we arrive seeing all before was contrived.
You are story, you’re story of your story.
Not history nor his story, nor its story.
You’re story.
How many stories
Of how many floor
Will it take to see walls
To make out the door
And when on out side
With out word
No laws
Oderific sensations
Real life
Not imagined machinations
This be a story
The story be you
Life not a file
In a case you did not knew
To live is not evil
It’s but spell and twist
Milked lait to a tail
Imagined devil lived high
Its part too of a tale
Calm plicity
Concomitantly it does try to be.
Vitrueosity not contriveity

Close off all the chapters
be freely a live

September 26, 2013

Raze a reader

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open. Imagining by engineered mental construction. The open unknowing susceptibility to unreal influence.
What reading is not is the amazing untitled reality, the real world, the world which is a constant and continuous action in interaction.
Reading is with regards to “ad” as in advert, adversarial, or to avert, it removes ones attentions, depleting energies, causing deficit or deaf and sit, claiming supernatural, scripted rules, dictatorial power, angles came down from the heavens and gave on to us this freedom, this referee of dominion and domination.
Real is with regards to “al” which is all, everything, natural and unruled, unscripted, energetic, without diction, the heavens are full of stars and we can read them and we understand our orientation within space by them and we understand by them the changes that occur.

None of that is found in read.

When words are read and on to them are given terms of action the viewer is pushed to a transitory state where by the mind hallucinates the imagined presentation of false titivation to cause titillation of the senses without actual sensory input, no stimulation as they fail entirely to see words functionally in action.
One gives on to these constructs simulation of life and as like the pieced together Frankenstein it makes every attempt to become alive.
This practise of simulation leaves the common senses dulled and imperceptible. Even dismissed as hearsay and the five openly perceived senses are presented with illusory information to cause clutter and storage, content occupying space for recall with out being of necessity.
The power that could be utilized is disabled, in a fragmented state, misused to the purpose of clutter sorting, information collection aimed at enabling the imaginings to life, a belief that the imagined exist, a belief that the imaginings are the dictate to life, in opposition to life of the living.
As like a hammer being held with the head in the hand and the handle being used to drive a nail. Understanding the action of swing and strike is acceptable to a degree, but not understanding the functional operation of the hammer leaves one dumbstruck.
Word is a compilation of angles and so multiple paths are within each structure based upon simple principles of engineering.
The presented word is seen with the conscious information mind and unless the subconscious creative mind is active, not suppressed or drugged, the word is acted on with out true understanding of the functional aspects and triggers to response contained within.
The subconscious filter allows the word to be analyzed, it is broken down to all anagram possibilities and recompiled to demonstrate truth or fact from faction, fashion, fascism, demonstrating the fiction.
For most the connection between the two minds is at disconnect. The subconscious knowing mind is always questioned by the reactionary, always on the alarm conscious mind, and a dismissal of common human traits is made through conscious thought.
Second guessing.

September 24, 2013

Say no to words as life.

When words are read and on to them are given terms of action the viewer is pushed to a transitory state where by the mind hallucinates the imagined presentation of false titivation to cause titillation of the senses without actual sensory input, no stimulation as they fail entirely to see words functionally in action. They give on to these constructs simulation of life and as like the Frankenstein it makes every attempt to become alive
This practise of simulation leaves the common senses dulled and imperceptible. They are even dismissed as hearsay and the five openly perceived senses are presented with illusory imaginings to cause clutter and storage, content occupying space for recall with out being of necessity.
The power that could be utilized is disabled, in a fragmented state, misused to the purpose of clutter. Collection aimed towards bringing the imaginings life, a belief that they exist, a belief that they are the dictate to life in opposition to life dictating to imaginings. The stifle of creativity for all is from creation.

August 26, 2013

The Leash it’s your collar to remove

The barrage of simulation, an incessant media, noiz/zion the “word”.
Not a tool of enlightenment,
rather a tool of confusion, delusion, a perfusion of illusion.
A supernatural man concocted “hebrew” device, witch diabolically was composed symbolically in script, claimed as true, created and dispelled by the exacting gentlemen to cause judgement and pass sentence against all man living with nature and not by the lurid rules of word.
This was given over to the angle, that created by principle of sciences, engineering and alchemy.
This collection of angles and curves, consonantly vowels man through the imagery and actions of theatre.
A screen is created to cloud mans mind, cause psychotic delusions in the conscious mind, shut off all perceptions by the common senses, and create automatons, an affront to the true nature of man.

December 24, 2012

Deconstructing the anglicon and the vaticon to reveal the buddhacon and the way “om”

Deconstructing the english word structure. An engineered lock which can be picked, but not without a key.
I find it a contentious fallacy to give li-brar-y the entomological connection to “libra” and liberty. To me it defies logic as well as reality. If such were truth would it not be pronounced “libra-ry”.
As “li-brar-y” the phonics give meaning.
Lie – not truth
Brar – a rabbit, the trickster
why – to misdirect this with grammar – a set of rules given by authority, which I notice as two “rams” which no matter the direction you take it or look on it, they can send you down the myriad of holes, keeping you senseless to the truth. It is by these observations I’ve looked at the mnemonic english word structure as an engineered construct and have started to reverse engineer it to find it methodology which controls man, out of his nature.
Thank you Francis Bacon.
One of Bacon’s mottoes was “Mente Videbor”–“By the mind I shall be seen”. This suggests some form of dramatic teaching as practised by the ancients in the days of the Mysteries.
Making the word flesh or truth, could not be accomplished except through the medium of a modern language. Language, and the command of it, has become the modern instrument of power. “The original construction of that great instrument the English language, and the planting of it in North America were the two essential parts of one great enterprise.”(Bismark) Engaged in this work was a group of talented men of action and men of letters.
Interesting to note, a sheep goes “ba” and a “con” has brought on to us, the word.
free dominion is the long form of the abbreviation bandied about.
Which as abbreviation means not literal in dominion.
Letters unlike language as word to communicate, form a structure which is used to elucidate.

These following are the “ok” words, a hat off to Loki, the trickster.

no matter if it
Coke or
smoke or
toke or
poke or
joke or

if you buy it as commodity
you don’t see you’ve been
souled; a moke in a yoke

the common thread in these words “ture” a miscarriage of “true”
and unlike
“nature” are not a truth in and of themselves, but rather they are representation in form as a truth
“nature” is a double negative in this sense therefore they cancel and make it truth.

How stuff works
“o” in letter form refers to you
“k” in letter form is a judgement
a complex structure which needs prop to hold it up and has tendency to go off on tangent
“l” in letter form is law unbreakable a cardinal tenant
“b” in letter form is you up against the wall, but you can tear these down when you learn the laws which with a trick to your eye they seem to defy

the “o” and the “k” used together make “ok” which is part truth, therefore only one wall “k”
add “a” such as in “cloak” and it becomes all “aok” mighty, towering, strong
add “c” and the word now becomes a lock, a fixture as in to cause measure, restraint “clock”
“o” “c” the walls to either side “l” “k”
“p” is you in function, a thing you have to perform
when it follows after “o” it becomes “op” as if it like a natural function
“i” one in ponder, thinking.
“d” what one stands up to do.
“u” of or appropriate to the upper class.
“n” a cloak : as like no; no would signal the intuitive “why”, to trigger and ask ,”why no?”
nice ; subjective, asks why cold empty.

“g” this is the one which ties it all together, as here in lowercase it is quite benign. as an uppercase “G” it is the broken whole, the “O” you, which is in need of the guidance of a master

“ru” reveal to you
“ur” you retard

The white poisons. These words take what is common and commoditize them into abomination of their natural intention.

Sweat, which should pronounce as the others. However you’ll work your ass of to obtain it and it will make you “sweet”, as like “wet”.

December 13, 2012

Oh! this is Christmas.

So the story goes, a child was born of parents, a carpenter and his significant companion who managed to conceive by unnatural means as none before or since have managed to do, and as she was in companionship with a carpenter no less.
They have had to leave their home and journey great distance to pay tax to the lord of the land for the work done by the carpenter in voluntary exchange with his neighbors, work to which the lord of the land exercised no part, in an exchange he was not a party to.
The burdensome taxes which the collector expects to brought onto him or threat of violence will be forth coming, leaves nothing for proper secure lodging and despite the woman’s obvious condition of pregnancy no charity to secure lodging is given.
A shelter is found and although inconvenient for the baring of a child it does come to pass that the woman does bring forth a new child of innocence to the world.
Immediately three wise men come with gifts to taint and delude the child. One brings forth Gold, a second brings forth the Oil of Lebanon, Frankincense, and the third brings forth Drug, the heady medicinal Myrrh.
Then everybody vanishes and the sheep go back to sleep.
Bizarre Story, I must say.

Later the child, now grown, becomes a cause celeb with the peace, love thy neighbor, respect mother earth set.
The lawmakers will have none of this, or his rhetoric, and take him to account.
They point out their concocted tales by man (he-brew), as written in the great books they carry, is truth and nothing but truth.
They tell the child now a man that he as are all, children of GOD.
The man states, that can not be, for this is my mother and he was born from she.
The lawmakers taken aback by such brazen fortitude straighten their funny hats and retort with, you were born through your mother yes but as a child of GOD.
No, comes back the child now man, I was born through she as a child of man, my father a carpenter as am I.
Infuriated, the lawmakers charge blasphemy.
The surrounding crowd, in response, as a majority, democratically side with the lawmakers. It is written, and despite having no access to the writing or the literacy to enable them to understand the squiggly lines if they could glance a glimpse.
They call for punishment and cheer wildly when the sentence is given.
The lawmakers, now at the crowds behest, approach the king to ask his blessing to the sentence.
The king is hesitant as no apparent crime has been committed. There was no aggression and no one stepped forward to accuse of such.
The lawmakers make case that he blasphemed the word, the concocted tale devised by man (he-brew) as it was heard from god whilst under the influence of the heady incense of myrrh and anointed in the oil of frankincense as the dreams of great wealth in gold guided the quill.
The king still unconvinced of any misdeed turns to the democracy.
This majority before him side with the lawmakers in the funny hats and call for death to the blasphemer.
The king reluctantly passes the sentence and crowd screams wildly as spectacle is an exciting way to pass the time through day.

And so the child now man, is nailed upon a cross. He is placed with common criminals as spectacle before the blood lusting crowd and the lawmakers in their funny hats.
When the mans life has passed, it is declared that he died for all to sin, and it is through this belief that you can become one with GOD in heaven above.
The tale is passed forth through the generations and as like a parasite it spreads to infect all who are encountered to it.
Those that deny a heavenly father, and those that connect with mother earth are ceremoniously murdered, their lands are taken and given unto GOD. The ones given mercy are enslaved, forced to provide crops and labor for resource extraction to the lawmakers and the other representatives of the GOD as well as pay alms to live upon what was once their ancestral land.

October 13, 2012

Preserving Profitsey

Preserved; constantly stirred and tweaked to suit tastes of the current day, the keepers of the word the owners of the ore with the lines of GOD as written by Prophets maintain the illusion that we must pay alms to the crown, earn a living, not live.
“The rule of law, or the law of the jungle.”
That line was drawn in the sand. The ten ruling owners CRown, “C” ten.
Men in search of a meaning to give to their fighting in war and wishing to put their own courage in the service of the Faith would gather under the banners of the Templars and the Teutonics. The Hospitallers were men who had already been touched by the Word of God, were dedicated to charitable works, were devoted to altruism and in the name of this ideal, decided to take up arms.
The use of and indoctrination into the word is an idea we all think we are made privy to through education. However this which we see and contribute to is not the word. It is symbolism which is tarted up as language designed to distract and entrap the senses and sensibility. To render the conscious unconscious through the cutting off of sense.
This difference of a remarkable historical and political importance contributes towards and explains the reason why the Order of St. John, unlike others, was able to overcome many difficulties and reach modern times with all its prerogatives and aura of attraction.
They were appreciated not only for their courage but also as ambassadors. The Sovereigns of Jerusalem used them for this purpose, in order to solve their difficult controversies. Not only were they men of arms but also wise and shrewd advisers, educated to serve their neighbour, averse from the interests characterizing the activities and behaviour of other Military Orders.
This interesting phenomenon in the history of the Church, the creation and foundation of Military Orders, confirmed how the Church had been able to become part of the war society of the time. The birth of these institutions had shown how the Crusades were born as fortuitous episodes but had acquired the dimensions of a problem involving the Christian conscience not only in its thinking and organisation but also in the disciplinary attitude of the clergy.
Rich and strong, with Commanderies spread throughout the various countries, and with the many problems that the continuous military duties had always created, the Military Orders appeared like giants looking for a flag to fly and ready to take up side with whomever needed their assistance for a just cause.
They were the new protagonists on the scene of a Christian Europe where the balance was difficult and precarious. The Hospitallers moved the seat of their Convent and Hospital to Cyprus and felt the necessity to reorganise themselves and think about their future. The island on which they, together with the Templars, had found hospitality was too small and restricted for them and they understood that their independence was threatened. The years spent on the island of Cyprus was an interesting period in which to study and reflect. The Hospitallers met twice in Chapter General where they examined the situation, preparing strategies for their future activities. Their properties spread throughout Europe and the riches coming from the various Commanderies began to raise interests and greed which has led to a dangerous situation. These possessions could be justified only by military and hospitaller activities. It became necessary to get reorganised and to return to fighting.
Very soon, the Hospitaller Order became a maritime power but not being able to acquire strength based on a somewhat limited number of ships, it entrusted the secret of its success to the quality of its ships and the courage of its Captains and crew.
Interest in the sea dates back to the period preceding the settlement in Cyprus. In the last years of their stay in the Holy Land the Order had felt it necessary to have some ships of its own, especially after moving the Hospital to Acre which had become a harbour of great strategic and mercantile importance in this period of hostility. We must consider, besides, that the evacuation itself was carried out under difficult conditions and made possible only thanks to the employment of an efficient fleet.

June 30, 2012

The ability to cloud men’s mind. Did the shadow know?

The ability to control men’s minds.
Eastern mystical idea or reality.
There is no greater control mechanism over mans mind then that of the squiggly line set in text upon a page. Well it’s not that squiggly really, it’s stayed, rigid, and stiff. Mechanical as engineering could manage it.
When one looks upon the printed language they see words in representation to actions,
but they do not see the associate letters and words as representative to function.
To think from within ones own mind with thoughts not common but unique is not welcome.
The methodology of the trick is brilliant in it’s simplicity, and its significence unseen.
A basis to build a society upon in contervention of natures over ruling law.
Many are affected with the parasitic affliction and try to inflict this disease upon all,
never seeing the damage they contribute to nor that which reality has placed before them.
The reader is a voracious consumer and bloats to a point where nothing beyond the printed word seems real. Media and Law both trip over there own words. So many twists, usages, references to. The effect is a void, empty as the offerings they hold and behold.
Unable to see through the toxic fat which infects the mind, obscuring the senses. All is so complex without the handhold of instruction, as they stand at the corner of the empty street not comprehending any pattern of self thought, waiting for a symbol suggesting safe passage across the empty street.
The educated fail to educe or develop the senses which are inherent as a universal trait, instead they rely upon the base word of prophets for the express purpose of attaining profits, under assumption this is how man was meant to be free and independent, not just a ducet used as collateral in slave trading.