Civilization, Where’s it’s civility

I’m an odd nut, coming to terms with the inherent wisdom I’ve had since childhood. That wisdom which me allowed to run around in adventure and play, confident that nothing would harm me. Most assuredly I never thought about harm. I explored as far as my legs would carry me. With friends we would make up games, we created our own shelters from what we found, we ate fruit from the bushes and drank water from a creek, or from a spring if one was near. We could lay down at night in a field and look at the stars and just see them there twinkling. Once in a while you could see a planet moving through the sky, slowly creeping along either chasing or running away from the moon, and then the sun would come up and wipe the slate clean. Or the Northern lights dancing free across the sky, we didn’t need to know or think about what they were, it was the sky dancing.

No one led us by the hand to these things, it was our inherent playfulness protected by inherent wisdom, carefree of knowledge. As a mother knows to put her child to her breast. There was no need for thinking with nature. We knew what was there for us, and what was not for us.

Then we were all forced into some kind of civilization, the kind of place where you have to ask questions because, what the hell, it’s just compounded gibberish.There is philosophical gobbley goop upon philosophical goobley gop. Each strive for a mass to follow and contort and conform to it’s ideals, only to have another come and add more or take some away or revise it into something completely opposite, while we evade our human nature and destroy not only our humanity but the vary nature with which we are a part. Civilization is for this reason not able to settle and live. The agenda is something other then life, as demonstrated by the very fact that for something as simple as eating, sleeping, shitting, and the rest of the time is yours before you return to the light. We’ve managed to mess it up. The simplicity of these tasks. We think our way to making them easier then they already are but fail at every turn.  It’s right bloody daft

There’s food right there, well there was until we paved it over, but there is still a lot out there just hanging to be picked, or that green leafy stuff,  just as when I was a child, and water runs freely everywhere if you let it go.

We could have very easily stayed in our little bush or by the stream. We made our shelter, there was plenty to eat, sleeping came natural and the rest of the time we played, or we told stories, and if it had started getting cold we might just walk somewhere that suited more us, and we would have been just fine.


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