Thoughts I had while pulling on my socks.

Many want to solve a civilization instead of humanity problem. Philosophical arguments with civilizations philosophical solutions. The problem is civilization itself.
Civilization requires civility in an uncivilized world to make it work
all have to conform, both humanity and nature Humanities philosophy is
wisdom not knowledge. There is no compounding of philosophical
gibberish. It’s not ideas of how live the idea of humanity is to live.

There is no key
There is no door
Step out beyond your walls
It’s wide open out there
To the stars and beyond
Don’t you see it
There is no father
No one abandoned you
You were created by the virgin mother
We call her earth
Join and let us celebrate together
Let us respect and heal her
She will protect and nourish us
She is not a beast to slay
What are you afraid of
Only you were created in your own image
Face it
Don’t be afraid of your own skin
You are loved
Please share
Pass on the light


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