A kinder gentler, smoother fancier decorated slavery is still slavery.

philosophical gibber jab, the bullshit so thick it pouring from your eyes. Stop thinking, we don’t need any of this nonsense. Productive what hell the is productive about doing things you don’t want to do. Are these your damn dreams, are you stupid.conform to my way, no mine, no mine, no wait this is better, think , think.
Stop it, close the book, stop being impressed by the squiggly lines, there’s no meaning to them, everyone’s been trying to figure them out, even made up different languages and characters to decipher it. Got us to thinking. Well maybe there’s an easy way. so you spend all the time in the squiggly lines making up new squiggly lines, and some one has to bring you food, and the guy bringing you food is sick of that, he wants to read some squiggly lines, so someone can bring him food and then there are so many squiggly line readers that you have to grow food. All the while if you close the book the words go away and the food is right outside on a bush or a tree, or as a leaf. And you don’t need a plateful, you just need a few morsels at a time and water it comes from a stream or a spring, and you don’t need any thinking about where and what. And you can stop trying to find the question to the why or how of the answers you’ve been given, because you never had a damn question in the first place.


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