first came the square

symbols, symbols everywhere.

first came the square drawn on that there
just a flat square drawn on that there
then came upon it one with great glee
he had a vision to build it
so said he

so build it he did
put three in plane site
but to make it fun
he’d place them just right

he placed them like dancers
up on one toe
he placed them level
above as below
then he covered with sand
half the answer

then settlement came
which he was want to claim
the scribbler with drawing at hand
saying look it isn’t just so

then the builder he stated
from feeling berated
how dare you I build exactly whats drawn
your the one that’s got it all wrong

he said prove it to me
it’s not what you see
and then you can carry on

so tied up we’ve been
creating the machine
to show us to the question
our failing

we’re wailing with thought
and just we plain forgot
it’s a question not an answer were seeking

for the answer you see is so planely before ye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      requires no thought
just reflection


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