My longboard wants to slide

My Skateboard wants to Slide

My skateboard wants to slide, as I run the hill to the next flat, zig zaging away. The board I ride talks to me. It tells me it’s ok to let go, it’s only sliding how hard can it be. So I ride carefree because my board talks to me. And all the paths I take are being freshly paved, as another light turns green for me. Some yelling I look it was to smile and wave and they caught some of the wind that had gathered in me. Not a push required I fly with ease it’s all downhill from here nice gentle and free. It’s not that I’m careless I care less.
In traffic then out, I ride down a nice grade of a side-street I cross the intersection where sits a Porsche convertible at the stop sign, a woman yells hey and the the driver he honks, I turn and look they give a thumbs up and I give a wave and turn carrying on down the street.
I get back into traffic after a short uphill. Traffic is heavy and slow, I pass a Ferrari with a tuck and then slow down on the flat, I’m retaken but in the next block I get to fly past and take a good wind push down the grade, it is four blocks before the Ferrari retakes me. It’s a big uphill now so I look forward to the other side.


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