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September 30, 2010


When hearts shall beat with common throb,
Attuned the whole world o’er,
And every hand that turns the knob
Shall find the open door.
We’ve tortured long the silent earth
To wrest the fiend of gold.
Fierce yellow fever from our birth
Inflames the young and old.
Now let us dig the richest veins
Of treasure under suns,
Our golden hearts that fear enchains
Neath hatred’s crushing tons.
And rarer far than all the pelf
The goblin Greed can hold
The depths that hide the better self,
More dear than worlds of gold.
If we would win the world to peace
The power that in us delves,
Faith, like the Argonauts’ of Greece,
Must conquer first ourselves.
Great hearts can make this mortal plan
A temple to endure;
Our eyes shall see the God in man
Because our hearts are pure.

September 25, 2010

Philosophies bullshit

A century of strong government over a voluntary society has led to the direct slaughter of hundreds of millions of it’s citizens as a by product of it’s show of strength.
The egalitarian nature of a voluntary society does not allow for such aggression and intrusion, as each opposes being aggrieved upon and go about their business with this in mind.
A government divides society with unwarranted rules and regulation which result in plunder through predation. Voluntarism and cooperation amongst the citizenry is given over to ignorance and disregard. Contempt over courtesy.
Our ability to look to see through the eyes of another the results of our action or inaction has been diminished as we give our sovereignty away to a representation which is not us. We have been given a soul to cocoon ourselves in, losing in return the connectedness we not only share with each other, but with the whole of which we are an undeniable part.
Philosophy, religion, government, institutions which assume an arrogance above nature, attempting to deny we are a part of it.
The absurdity of this notion of government should be plainly obvious, with things like laws created and brutally enforced to remove our personal sovereignty.
How insane, propagating such an institution of oppression over voluntary society. Promoting societies most wretched flaws, holding them up as societies ideals. Screaming, crying, waving banners and flags, rejoicing in the glory of the objectifying absurdity.
We must rid ourselves of this thing government, the mindless philosophical nonsense which condones the support of such life sucking parasitic and the machinery which propagates it’s stories.
Political models, economic solutions, what a load of tripe, ideas propagated by philosophy, and it’s adopted children. Useless twats sitting on their asses spouting bullshit to a crowd of indoctrinated dimwits who think squiggling lines will put food in their mouth, and produce for them a shelter from the storm. They will fetch the philosopher food as a return for propaganda in the hopes one day food will be fetched to them by some willing to listen to their dogma. They are trapped in the allegory of the cave. Each shut inside trying to see shadows on the wall, unable to see they are shut inside and are attempting to see shadows without the light of the sun. They can’t tear away from the inside of the shelter they created, they can not step out into the light to see that the shadows are just shade. Not to frighten, but to comfort and relieve. These children of philosophy give up actions and deeds, for words and pretense. Scenarios of what, with application of layers of justification.
Years of adaptive training have churned out a massif institutionally educated peons with little to offer other then the moving of lips, and the ability to squiggle adaptive precepts to a particular evolved problem. They become completely incapable of removing themselves from the analytic environment which they continue to spin with all their energies into some kind of creation of their diseased imagination. As a collective mind they embrace and endorse every situation it is presented with. The further removed from the situation, the more absurd, the easier it is for the collective mind to conjure the absurdity into reality. Blindsided by philosophy, religion, government, and the ability to create anything of our imagination.
The parasites have created a host. This monster reaches tentacles out from and to all points. It’s captured are connected, synthesizing into reality every horrid scenario presented.
To shut it out and shut it off, would be to see reality. You would have to react to situations in a critical manner, with no reliance on belief.