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October 21, 2010

Can you believe a magic

The energy between we and the land. An exchange of flow happens when you take and give the energy of the land. You can feel a flow through and around, enveloping you as you move along the way. Like a rudder providing balance, a sextant to guide you. The pulses you transmit are in turn responded to through this connection. Like the white and black, good and evil. On and off. It’s the magic of which we speak, hear, touch, taste, and smell, yet do not see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. This realization and the ability to connect is key to life and knowledge. It’s odd that the guys at the top seem like a bunch of brainwashed simpletons, yet exercise great control.
It only occurs when the connection is understood, and you can be clear of thought, except for those of your own, without contemplation, a natural flow.
However there is a very big difference between the formulaic derivative form of control being exercised, and the natural ability to connect that we are distracted from with all form of trickery.
That is the knowledge the text fail to tell, there is a conduit of energy that flows through the world giving us our connection to the everything that it is.
We all undeniably have felt it, but deny it exists. Story upon story, are yet dismissed as coincidence. I don’t coincidence very well, I am not both myself and beside myself at the same time therefore nothing coincidental can occur. If nothing coincidental occurs then there is connection and continuity. I am a conductor, orchestrating my way, moment by moment.

October 19, 2010

Critical Reasoning

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A reply to this notion of Critical Reasoning.
When one sits pontificating, scribbling endless scribble on any subject instead of participating in life, someone else must fetch the food, build the shelter, provide the tools for the scribbler to scribble.
As more join in, this fact becomes an exponential nightmare, with those now outside the conversation, no longer allowed to happily gather for their immediate needs, but for this parasitic class of sitters as well, wanting to join in so as to not go through the daily toil of subjugation to those who think but do not do.
Philosophy is just an exercise in control, a mechanism for justification of subjugation. It includes all the fallacies of the trivium (the art of making the squiggles appear to have some substantive meaning). Such a warm blanket it is. All snug inside, your little head just can peer over the covers. There is nothing to see beyond the cover of philosophy, that’s toil, work, that’s for the other humans, the ones that know where food comes from, the ones who know where water comes from, the ones who understand we are a pedestrian earthling, and there are so many places and things to explore with in the range of our mobility, the ignorant ones without our  education.
The ones outside beyond the cover need not dream up a conveyance to move us from where we are to where we want to go, we have all the conveyance we need, in ourselves and in the nature around us. We need not build great edifices to shelter us, as it is all around. We speak of how and where and what and who, but as encounters, not trails leading to some mysterious why. For us the mystery was never a question, but an occurrence, as every moment is a mystery, and not understanding this can lead one to the madness seen in the energy expelled on the horizontal hamster wheel of white collar western society. This outside beyond the books, where our senses are alive, smell, touch, sight, taste, and all the music to hear is uncomplicated. While the book class sit pondering the differences and the methods to control those differences and variables, they increase their numbers through conquest, spreading the virus across the lands by force.
The never ending need to find why, leads to further plunder and predation to keep the machine of the text perpetuating. If you get people talking as their own person, the whole mountain of shit falls to the ground as decomposition puts it back in it’s place.
So what is it in the endless piles of text that you think you are giving critical reasoning to, and how does it put food in your mouth.
How is it that critical reasoning has not revealed to you a pattern, that is itself.
If you do not step outside, you do not see the world around you.
If you do step outside the world around you is that which is in your sight, not beyond.
Do you know this place and the inhabitants that surround you.
Do you not think you could all be milling around outside seeing what is around you and participating in that context.
Do you think that sunshine is harmful
Do you think the air unsafe to breath
Do you think the dirt to tainted to produce food
Do you think you need to go beyond the borders of your sight for any reason other then exploration
Do you need that paving covering the ground where food once grew
Do you need a culvert where once a stream did flow
Do you need someone else telling you
Do you think
Can you see the damage before you
Can you justify consumption
Can you see the children of tomorrow struggling under our burden
Can you take responsibility
Can you hold yourself to account
Can you change
Do you know

October 19, 2010

Critical thinking exercise.

It seems obvious to me that in order to exercise critical thinking the mind must be clear, be it running over endless texts looking at squiggly lines, or riding a skateboard down a hill at high speed with a car suddenly appearing across your path. Most especially the later.
So to achieve a state such as this, and bring yourself to some kind of perspective of self, with out relying upon ego.
If you have a nude beach available go, strip down, and take up the sun on the fullness of your body. Unfortunately I understand this does not exist in the form that I have available to myself in my town. So just get naked outside under the stars, or better the sun, no bloody sun screen, no ridiculous sunglasses. A few days or any amount of time will help you come back to earth. You know this place were we live. You may notice while you are naked under the stars or the sun, that it is not cubed, there is no door, there are no walls. There is a great ball of infinite energy warming you. Even in the winter if out of the wind, I at one time lived in Winnipeg, center of North America, plus 40c/100f summer minus 40c/40f winter.
Get naked, touch nature and let it touch you. That is what many of us want. To be with nature. Now can you put that into your perspective with your cloths on. If you could look from that point of view, instead of trying to remove the random of nature with another kind of linear thinking.

October 19, 2010

Who done it

So through some non linear thinking, like I do otherwise. I came to a notion of the following.
The absolute guilt of elQueda, as told by those in the know at the top of the list.
Then I came upon the idea of Florentine double entry bookkeeping. Seems to me through history organized crime of every sort uses this type of file system. Banking being a prime example of it in operation.
So with elQueda being a list created by the CIA and double entry accounting where a fake book is created, so that by all outward appearances it is legitimate, allowing the real book to keep the real evidence hidden away.
Would it not stand that with all outward appearances of the events of that date, pointing to an almost universal conclusion by those with eyes that saw the evidence.
With the absolute we are presented with, that elQueda did the job, is the double entry theory valid, and is what we hear from those who demonstrate complicity, a confession in open, to mock the nation and in there arrogance have they placed it in plain sight.

October 17, 2010

The Gold Standard

If you speak to a gold standard which, still exists and has never changed. You must speak to what it is. The gold standard has nothing to do with paper currency or financial markets. It is not an instrument for collection, but a tool of trade. One’s life energy for a quantity of gold which can purchase One Head of Goat. This is the standard, as is one’s energy output for a piece of silver which is equal to Two Head of Chicken. Now sitting in an office certainly won’t get you many pieces of anything, except waste. One must do more then pontificate, and philosophize, and then run to the gym to burn off the useful energy to earn your piece.
There is no law that has yet been put in place to manipulate gold one way or another that has had any effect. Gold has maintained the same value, for as long as that value has had attachment. There has been no change, the out of whack system built around and on top of it, trying to stand on one tip toe holding a giant ball of paper, just can’t reach any more and with all this ever increasing stretching it can no longer hold it self up. When it tumbles back down to the earth where it all belongs, Gold will once again look down and say, go out and show me your worth. All is provided free around you, yet you desire me, I give no warmth, I provide no sustenance, are you a fool, you will have me and then what fool, you shall part with me.

October 14, 2010

Shifting the Relationship

Canada is witnessing a shift in relations between the state and citizens, manifested by intrusive surveillance, harassment, and outright brutality, the necessity of which most Canadians do not understand.

We used to instinctively react against the state’s incursions into our freedom, into our free space. Protecting liberty was a supposed fantastic tradition we had in this country which I think is all very relevant to what we’ve got today.
When you look at the measures adopted by the government one by one, they eroded our freedom but did very little for our security. With surreptitious cunning backed by usury, what these successive governments have done, is to bit by bit slice off our freedoms, with reams of Don’t and NO rules and regulations, handed them by the unelected do-gooders of the UN.

Civil liberties are always inherently vulnerable, but especially to that kind of slow, grinding, regressive abuse. What we’ve got to recognize is that it is a much bigger issue. Not just an intrusion into space, but into self. We must see the right and protect that tradition of liberty that we have in our country. Otherwise our children are going to find themselves growing up in very different kind of society, with a very different kind of culture, then that which we learned our parents were born into.

October 10, 2010

When will thy open thy eye

If you give a shit in any way, about anything happening to the environment being desecrated, the people being murdered away and at home under pretense which is based in falsehood, the fraud and theft of everything in front of you.
The machine being fed gives nothing of value in return, consuming to the same voracity as the appetite which malnourishes itself into oblivion. It effects our fresh water and the seas, the lands and the fruits of which we all eat.
I promised myself in high school, not to bring children into a world which was so screwed and ignorant as that one I was seeing and being subjected to. I cannot believe this is still going on forty years after I started to see beyond the contrivance.
Predation and plunder, the continued blind pursuit of the essence of nothing, Clear as the petroleum tainted mud slathered upon they self.
In the early years of the last century the world went through war, and the men who fought saw through the facade of the rulers and the financiers aiding and abetting in a genocide of millions of human beings. They saw through the philosophically bloated lies, the words passed on as truth. They passed on their knowledge so as to not have to fight in war again. Not enough for the financiers and corporate predators, a second war was fronted and the continued affront against humanity, has maintained a constant escalation since.
I’ve had a life time of this disgusting filth, as has everyone I know.
I shut off the news and the lies that are in support of it years ago, I didn’t need to see through the eyes of a third party, or hear the lies of justification to know that none exists. The years of this constant throb have people believing the philosophical justifying babble, hertz is just the electrical flicker barely perceptible all around us and constant, and not hurts, the pain as a result of inflicting an action against another.
I see people react to these stories not by doing and saying something to correct these wrongs. Instead they continue purchasing the items the advertiser is pushing without giving any thought to these actions and the atrocities associated to the news they consume. Freedom has become the ability to consume and all else be damned even ones own life.

October 3, 2010

The interest of saving

Oh yippy. How exciting the possibility of earning interest on the savings of the out put of my labor.
So by what means is this interest paid, higher interest to borrowers, which I believe leads to some strategy called hyperinflation. I would suggest you stop thinking there is something concrete and tangible in this thing called money. It’s plain and simply a system of looting the energy one displaces through labor. So all you mouth pieces that pedal whatever shit you pedal. If you can’t figure out how to operate the more basic tools, well look out, because some primate, with a low IQ and no college education, can operate the hammer and will clock you up side the head with it if you think the game can be played for the sidelines being some kind of armchair strategist.
You will never see what it looks like coming if you are a participant in the unfolding event. You must step away to gain any sort of perception of what is being done and how and by whom.
“If you remain a just a grain from the chaff in the collective elevator, you will eventually be crushed in the mill.
If you allow yourself to fall away and be cast in the wind you will sprout and be to continue your life under the beautiful sun.”

Sure it’s cheesy but I’m just pecking randomly at this board anyway. Thoughts converted to squiggly lines, relating to a subject that I never have given a rats ass about. It’s always been bullshit, from the day I punched the initials of my name into a machine at the exchange and watched the ticker go by on the red light LED board showing an up tick in it’s price. I could never find a company with a matching symbol so what was I to think except, other then, the whole thing was a charade and my father and uncle were correct in telling me. “don’t play like that, you’ll get caught.”
Strange to hear as a ten year old, I didn’t know what I would possibly get caught at. After all I was just exchanging currency on either side of the Canada/US border and earning money on the exchanges to the point, that I retained my initial capital and still had a accumulated some consumer items from my gains.
I never from that day played with money or in fact gave it any real expression of faith. It wasn’t something I came to desire as a result of labor, and there was no way I wanted to be trained to sit in an office looking out, possibly if was lucky, at the world I am an integral part of.
Now somehow I find it fascinating and frustrating to see, what I think is a great breakthrough and an eye opening to the illusion of this giant charade.
The day I hope is soon, that I won’t have to worry about someone stepping in front of me trying to get somewhere but standing still, not able to see the open plain directly in front of their eyes.