The interest of saving

Oh yippy. How exciting the possibility of earning interest on the savings of the out put of my labor.
So by what means is this interest paid, higher interest to borrowers, which I believe leads to some strategy called hyperinflation. I would suggest you stop thinking there is something concrete and tangible in this thing called money. It’s plain and simply a system of looting the energy one displaces through labor. So all you mouth pieces that pedal whatever shit you pedal. If you can’t figure out how to operate the more basic tools, well look out, because some primate, with a low IQ and no college education, can operate the hammer and will clock you up side the head with it if you think the game can be played for the sidelines being some kind of armchair strategist.
You will never see what it looks like coming if you are a participant in the unfolding event. You must step away to gain any sort of perception of what is being done and how and by whom.
“If you remain a just a grain from the chaff in the collective elevator, you will eventually be crushed in the mill.
If you allow yourself to fall away and be cast in the wind you will sprout and be to continue your life under the beautiful sun.”

Sure it’s cheesy but I’m just pecking randomly at this board anyway. Thoughts converted to squiggly lines, relating to a subject that I never have given a rats ass about. It’s always been bullshit, from the day I punched the initials of my name into a machine at the exchange and watched the ticker go by on the red light LED board showing an up tick in it’s price. I could never find a company with a matching symbol so what was I to think except, other then, the whole thing was a charade and my father and uncle were correct in telling me. “don’t play like that, you’ll get caught.”
Strange to hear as a ten year old, I didn’t know what I would possibly get caught at. After all I was just exchanging currency on either side of the Canada/US border and earning money on the exchanges to the point, that I retained my initial capital and still had a accumulated some consumer items from my gains.
I never from that day played with money or in fact gave it any real expression of faith. It wasn’t something I came to desire as a result of labor, and there was no way I wanted to be trained to sit in an office looking out, possibly if was lucky, at the world I am an integral part of.
Now somehow I find it fascinating and frustrating to see, what I think is a great breakthrough and an eye opening to the illusion of this giant charade.
The day I hope is soon, that I won’t have to worry about someone stepping in front of me trying to get somewhere but standing still, not able to see the open plain directly in front of their eyes.


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