When will thy open thy eye

If you give a shit in any way, about anything happening to the environment being desecrated, the people being murdered away and at home under pretense which is based in falsehood, the fraud and theft of everything in front of you.
The machine being fed gives nothing of value in return, consuming to the same voracity as the appetite which malnourishes itself into oblivion. It effects our fresh water and the seas, the lands and the fruits of which we all eat.
I promised myself in high school, not to bring children into a world which was so screwed and ignorant as that one I was seeing and being subjected to. I cannot believe this is still going on forty years after I started to see beyond the contrivance.
Predation and plunder, the continued blind pursuit of the essence of nothing, Clear as the petroleum tainted mud slathered upon they self.
In the early years of the last century the world went through war, and the men who fought saw through the facade of the rulers and the financiers aiding and abetting in a genocide of millions of human beings. They saw through the philosophically bloated lies, the words passed on as truth. They passed on their knowledge so as to not have to fight in war again. Not enough for the financiers and corporate predators, a second war was fronted and the continued affront against humanity, has maintained a constant escalation since.
I’ve had a life time of this disgusting filth, as has everyone I know.
I shut off the news and the lies that are in support of it years ago, I didn’t need to see through the eyes of a third party, or hear the lies of justification to know that none exists. The years of this constant throb have people believing the philosophical justifying babble, hertz is just the electrical flicker barely perceptible all around us and constant, and not hurts, the pain as a result of inflicting an action against another.
I see people react to these stories not by doing and saying something to correct these wrongs. Instead they continue purchasing the items the advertiser is pushing without giving any thought to these actions and the atrocities associated to the news they consume. Freedom has become the ability to consume and all else be damned even ones own life.


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