Shifting the Relationship

Canada is witnessing a shift in relations between the state and citizens, manifested by intrusive surveillance, harassment, and outright brutality, the necessity of which most Canadians do not understand.

We used to instinctively react against the state’s incursions into our freedom, into our free space. Protecting liberty was a supposed fantastic tradition we had in this country which I think is all very relevant to what we’ve got today.
When you look at the measures adopted by the government one by one, they eroded our freedom but did very little for our security. With surreptitious cunning backed by usury, what these successive governments have done, is to bit by bit slice off our freedoms, with reams of Don’t and NO rules and regulations, handed them by the unelected do-gooders of the UN.

Civil liberties are always inherently vulnerable, but especially to that kind of slow, grinding, regressive abuse. What we’ve got to recognize is that it is a much bigger issue. Not just an intrusion into space, but into self. We must see the right and protect that tradition of liberty that we have in our country. Otherwise our children are going to find themselves growing up in very different kind of society, with a very different kind of culture, then that which we learned our parents were born into.


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