The Gold Standard

If you speak to a gold standard which, still exists and has never changed. You must speak to what it is. The gold standard has nothing to do with paper currency or financial markets. It is not an instrument for collection, but a tool of trade. One’s life energy for a quantity of gold which can purchase One Head of Goat. This is the standard, as is one’s energy output for a piece of silver which is equal to Two Head of Chicken. Now sitting in an office certainly won’t get you many pieces of anything, except waste. One must do more then pontificate, and philosophize, and then run to the gym to burn off the useful energy to earn your piece.
There is no law that has yet been put in place to manipulate gold one way or another that has had any effect. Gold has maintained the same value, for as long as that value has had attachment. There has been no change, the out of whack system built around and on top of it, trying to stand on one tip toe holding a giant ball of paper, just can’t reach any more and with all this ever increasing stretching it can no longer hold it self up. When it tumbles back down to the earth where it all belongs, Gold will once again look down and say, go out and show me your worth. All is provided free around you, yet you desire me, I give no warmth, I provide no sustenance, are you a fool, you will have me and then what fool, you shall part with me.


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