Critical Reasoning

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A reply to this notion of Critical Reasoning.
When one sits pontificating, scribbling endless scribble on any subject instead of participating in life, someone else must fetch the food, build the shelter, provide the tools for the scribbler to scribble.
As more join in, this fact becomes an exponential nightmare, with those now outside the conversation, no longer allowed to happily gather for their immediate needs, but for this parasitic class of sitters as well, wanting to join in so as to not go through the daily toil of subjugation to those who think but do not do.
Philosophy is just an exercise in control, a mechanism for justification of subjugation. It includes all the fallacies of the trivium (the art of making the squiggles appear to have some substantive meaning). Such a warm blanket it is. All snug inside, your little head just can peer over the covers. There is nothing to see beyond the cover of philosophy, that’s toil, work, that’s for the other humans, the ones that know where food comes from, the ones who know where water comes from, the ones who understand we are a pedestrian earthling, and there are so many places and things to explore with in the range of our mobility, the ignorant ones without our  education.
The ones outside beyond the cover need not dream up a conveyance to move us from where we are to where we want to go, we have all the conveyance we need, in ourselves and in the nature around us. We need not build great edifices to shelter us, as it is all around. We speak of how and where and what and who, but as encounters, not trails leading to some mysterious why. For us the mystery was never a question, but an occurrence, as every moment is a mystery, and not understanding this can lead one to the madness seen in the energy expelled on the horizontal hamster wheel of white collar western society. This outside beyond the books, where our senses are alive, smell, touch, sight, taste, and all the music to hear is uncomplicated. While the book class sit pondering the differences and the methods to control those differences and variables, they increase their numbers through conquest, spreading the virus across the lands by force.
The never ending need to find why, leads to further plunder and predation to keep the machine of the text perpetuating. If you get people talking as their own person, the whole mountain of shit falls to the ground as decomposition puts it back in it’s place.
So what is it in the endless piles of text that you think you are giving critical reasoning to, and how does it put food in your mouth.
How is it that critical reasoning has not revealed to you a pattern, that is itself.
If you do not step outside, you do not see the world around you.
If you do step outside the world around you is that which is in your sight, not beyond.
Do you know this place and the inhabitants that surround you.
Do you not think you could all be milling around outside seeing what is around you and participating in that context.
Do you think that sunshine is harmful
Do you think the air unsafe to breath
Do you think the dirt to tainted to produce food
Do you think you need to go beyond the borders of your sight for any reason other then exploration
Do you need that paving covering the ground where food once grew
Do you need a culvert where once a stream did flow
Do you need someone else telling you
Do you think
Can you see the damage before you
Can you justify consumption
Can you see the children of tomorrow struggling under our burden
Can you take responsibility
Can you hold yourself to account
Can you change
Do you know


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