Critical thinking exercise.

It seems obvious to me that in order to exercise critical thinking the mind must be clear, be it running over endless texts looking at squiggly lines, or riding a skateboard down a hill at high speed with a car suddenly appearing across your path. Most especially the later.
So to achieve a state such as this, and bring yourself to some kind of perspective of self, with out relying upon ego.
If you have a nude beach available go, strip down, and take up the sun on the fullness of your body. Unfortunately I understand this does not exist in the form that I have available to myself in my town. So just get naked outside under the stars, or better the sun, no bloody sun screen, no ridiculous sunglasses. A few days or any amount of time will help you come back to earth. You know this place were we live. You may notice while you are naked under the stars or the sun, that it is not cubed, there is no door, there are no walls. There is a great ball of infinite energy warming you. Even in the winter if out of the wind, I at one time lived in Winnipeg, center of North America, plus 40c/100f summer minus 40c/40f winter.
Get naked, touch nature and let it touch you. That is what many of us want. To be with nature. Now can you put that into your perspective with your cloths on. If you could look from that point of view, instead of trying to remove the random of nature with another kind of linear thinking.


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