Who done it

So through some non linear thinking, like I do otherwise. I came to a notion of the following.
The absolute guilt of elQueda, as told by those in the know at the top of the list.
Then I came upon the idea of Florentine double entry bookkeeping. Seems to me through history organized crime of every sort uses this type of file system. Banking being a prime example of it in operation.
So with elQueda being a list created by the CIA and double entry accounting where a fake book is created, so that by all outward appearances it is legitimate, allowing the real book to keep the real evidence hidden away.
Would it not stand that with all outward appearances of the events of that date, pointing to an almost universal conclusion by those with eyes that saw the evidence.
With the absolute we are presented with, that elQueda did the job, is the double entry theory valid, and is what we hear from those who demonstrate complicity, a confession in open, to mock the nation and in there arrogance have they placed it in plain sight.


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