Can you believe a magic

The energy between we and the land. An exchange of flow happens when you take and give the energy of the land. You can feel a flow through and around, enveloping you as you move along the way. Like a rudder providing balance, a sextant to guide you. The pulses you transmit are in turn responded to through this connection. Like the white and black, good and evil. On and off. It’s the magic of which we speak, hear, touch, taste, and smell, yet do not see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. This realization and the ability to connect is key to life and knowledge. It’s odd that the guys at the top seem like a bunch of brainwashed simpletons, yet exercise great control.
It only occurs when the connection is understood, and you can be clear of thought, except for those of your own, without contemplation, a natural flow.
However there is a very big difference between the formulaic derivative form of control being exercised, and the natural ability to connect that we are distracted from with all form of trickery.
That is the knowledge the text fail to tell, there is a conduit of energy that flows through the world giving us our connection to the everything that it is.
We all undeniably have felt it, but deny it exists. Story upon story, are yet dismissed as coincidence. I don’t coincidence very well, I am not both myself and beside myself at the same time therefore nothing coincidental can occur. If nothing coincidental occurs then there is connection and continuity. I am a conductor, orchestrating my way, moment by moment.


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