non-contemplative thoughts

Random acts of non-contemplative thoughts. Ideas. General unleashing of the fury of words within.
So if I take on something like the Fibonacci sequence, for instance and apply thought to it.
It should show that the numbers carry on infinitely by means of recursive relation.
In three’s like a Minuet
I remember commenting to my buddies, who have undoubtedly forgotten, when we were first introducing ourselves to the music, that the Jimi Hendrix song Manic Depression had the meter of a Minuet.
So I am reminded of this daily and I see that pattern in the thoughts and ideas of three. If you allow you will feel the tempo.

“I’ve seen the writings of four
oh such a bore
if we make this distribution of load of live action into a formula, double that capacity
stretch it across the by-polar radius of the variable
we could be infinitely captured by the necessity to keep going to find out what the hell it was supposed to mean.”

Except the above would be written in binary code and a compiler would convert it so a machine could figure it out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          That works exceptionally well, I can see now that the curtains are open*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What context does it have to do with a sequence.
Problem, Reaction, Solution
We don’t know which fairy story we were told as a child was truth and which was a lie.
Some have a moral
some speak of sorrow
Some show a danger
others a stranger
Some let you down
others not what their found
Still you’re determined and bound.
like the pages of the book
need more words
these I got have been rebuked
Fixated, satiated, give me more I’ll figure it out.
start with one book
you don’t read it through
then give to refute it that’s what we do
we had no such knowledge
lived good with out college
to the point that our belly was full
was nothing we cared
energy around us
and living we shared
now all signs approach us
from front , and from rear
the names of the players are familiar to ear
all comes together
as on a great stage
derivative incidents
conjured, contrived
minds battle be not waged
the stories much longer
beginning to end
to dwell past in the present
no future to spend
to see what is happening
to know whence it came
is to keep your head above water
and the start of the new game



*windows reference


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