We have not listened

We remember the sacrifice of those who ended the World War One. Those handed arms beyond their own, tools that extended capability not desired. Those who fought by command of others who would not, yet exercised every excuse to send them off, with the voluminousness of propagated justifications.
Men who worked and lived in peace with their many fellows in the many communities throughout our many lands.
These men who were sent off with the support and encouragement of those with capital and the control of the capital, both monetary and the text with which a headline is led.
Sent off to confront an enemy made up by the very supporters of these same capitals.
The men of the time which we remember, those who survived the travesty, spoke against the war, the idea, and the intentions of the elite that control the capitals of the war.
We have not yet listened

We do not yet remember

We still support the capital

We still send fellows to participate

For we are still ignorant.


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