The Fright of an Awakening

The fright of the awakening, after the dawn has sent the book knowledge societies spinning in a multitude of directionless direction. Pulled every which way in an attempt to retain or gain, ride out some mysterious pain, while all, seemingly is flushed down the drain.
The horror of a society based on collectivism, not collectionism. This horrible idea of respect, living with those around us, from far and wide, and with our mother earth whom gives us life.

The new dawn is passing through it’s phase to the new light, and it’s, not a bunch of loonies blowing everything up. We’re coming together under one common language with no words needed to talk to and to understand each other. We’re learning to know that we’re not scary. There’s nothing to fear amongst ourselves except for governance, being pushed around. I’ve not encountered aggression from others towards myself in my travels, and I’ve not been an aggressor. It is the first rule, first principle, the principal of nonaggression, courtesy before contempt. We are moving from the dawning of, into the enlightenment of the age of Aquarius.
As an insane fleeting end, greed and want are pushed to the extreme, with the theft of all the illusionary wealth not realizing that it isn’t there, not in paper, not in trinkets, not in gold nuggets, not in silver bars. The tricksters play out the game, genetic modifications, and stealing the great diversity of the planet as they vainly attempt to destroy and desecrate as much as possible before the game is over.
The new age is coming soon upon us. Oppression isn’t waiting just around the corner, soon, we will once again live at peace, with love, and mother earth, as the circle comes to close.


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