Thoughts while sitting on the Bus

So here I am thinking, outside the box, again. In both the figurative and literal sense.
The thoughts of computer language and the liberal arts.
I hear of things like read between the lines, but I choose to read lines. So to give this empty thought some degree I put it to use with the Trivium and Quadrivium.
Grammar – Departing from the tradition of truth-conditional semantics, cognitive linguists view meaning in terms of conceptualization. Instead of viewing meaning in terms of models of the world, they view it in terms of mental spaces.
Rhetoric- Lets use the rhetorical theorist Plato, who defined the scope of rhetoric according to his negative opinions of the art. He criticized the Sophists for using rhetoric as a means of deceit instead of discovering truth. In “Gorgias,” one of Plato’s Socratic Dialogues, Plato defines rhetoric as the persuasion of ignorant masses within the courts and assemblies. Rhetoric, in Plato’s opinion, is merely a form of flattery and functions similarly to cookery, which masks the undesirability of unhealthy food by making it taste good. Thus, Plato considered any speech of lengthy prose aimed at flattery as within the scope of rhetoric. While Aristotle restricted rhetoric to the domain of the contingent or probable: those matters that admit multiple legitimate opinions or arguments
Logic- often divided into two parts, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. The first is drawing general conclusions from specific examples, the second drawing logical conclusions from definitions and axioms. A similar dichotomy, used by Aristotle, is analysis and synthesis. Here the first takes an object of study and examines its component parts. The second considers how parts can be combined to form a whole.
Arithmetic-The term arithmetic also refers to number theory. This includes the properties of integers related to primality, divisibility, and the solution of equations in integers, as well as modern research that is an outgrowth of this study
Astronomy- with exception of “Law of the Stars” I’m not sure where I use this here except for the WWW and Internet which encompass the earth, and the adulation of moneyed people or ideas we hold up as great, Stars..
Music- The field of music cognition involves the study of many aspects of music including how it is processed by listeners. Rather than accepting the standard practices of analyzing, composing. Listening to and interpreting tones
Geometry- Euclidean geometry is constructive. Postulates 1, 2, 3, and 5 assert the existence and uniqueness of certain geometric figures, and these assertions are of a constructive nature: that is, we are not only told that certain things exist, but are also given methods for creating them with no more than a compass and an unmarked straightedge.

So using this analytic technic I come up with something like this.
With talk of eugenics and depopulation, and infertility(sterilization). With the timing of these experiments (in terms of dates involved) and problems in the modern age stemming from these issues. The above listed and some of the issues like, electromagnetic interference, radiation problems and the like.
The connection to IBM with regards to record keeping during WW11, at camps where experiments in the field of eugenics took place. No one seems to connect the word in computer language Unix with the word Eunuchs. Yet most electronics interfere with or disrupt this process in a form of castration.
So Them I end up bringing in parts of the quadrivium. I take windows and Bill Gates. I can easily turn Bill into Hell with simple geometry and mathematics. Geometrically I turn an “I” 90* and create an “H”. Then I can use them in mathematics like integers and flip them for each other. Every equivalence class has a unique member that is of the form (n,0) or (0,n) (or both at once).
So I get Windows is Hells Gate. Now look at what one finds on the Internet. Disinformation- Deception
Degradation- Pornography
Disease- Virus
Death- the Images of War, of Famine, Destruction
We don’t stop it we keep Devouring it, Propagating it, Digesting it, Regurgitating it.
All these things that consume our energy, mental, physical, energy of which it feeds from us.
I look at a code language of HTML_ hyper-text markup language, which spells Heavy Metal if you look at it Logically twisted, but logic. There is a code in Heavy Metal, people speak to it all the time. The back track, the reverse track, even the track that is plain to hear speaks, real words and thoughts and messages.
So that’s about where the bus ride took me. What a long strange trip it was.

So are these crumbs of a trail to follow, or does this demonstrate that using the Seven liberal arts for discovery can lead you in any direction you wish to follow, and can provide conclusions you wish to find.


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