Playing with ice and snow

After a beautiful star filled night and a fabulous sunrise, the day began with the unpacking of the multitude of ice blocks and the build up of the great slide. Now that the ice has become tempered it can be readied for the sculptures, all with a Chinese theme.
The cutting now begins and the rough shape starts to appear. Soon another trailer of ice arrives, which seems to disappear rapidly, a hundred and sixty blocks should get up to the top of the pagodas and the massive entry gate, then three more truck loads, with 600 in total. The rest of the slabs will be cut and used as the slide to ensure the decent is swift and smooth, weeee.
The sun has gone away which is good for the ice, but the temperature has risen which is not so good for the ice or the snow.
Well now I’ve blasted through another mountain of ice. The temperature is dropping again and the main stacking is nearly complete. The big slide is getting it’s shape, a giant dragon. Still a lot of work, but moving along nicely.
Now we have completed the majority, the last odds and ends are being done to open the park to the public on the 13th. I’m beat after many long days. Off to the next project before the next and the one after that.
Can’t wait to hit the beach again.


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