Life people, are you ready to live it?

With the wretched stench of the “New World Odor” now so pungent, that the performance of those that call, consider, and have propagated the masters class can no longer deceive. “Globalization”, and the fraud of “Free Trade” face their final and immanent collapse?
Many are becoming ready for a true taste of “Freedom”. Not everybody will be, a great number will be one of those who panic when there is no one to hold their hand and tell them what they can and cannot do.
Surely it will not be an easy go, but it is the way and the light.

So it is now coming to pass. The deception of thousands of years is being revealed, shown in all its ugly truth, as naked as the Emperor with no cloths. The book and all its derivative forms, we have had our noses stuck behind is closing on the final chapter. We should all by now be able to see past the covers which have hidden our eyes for so long, as this parasitic virus has infected the globe, shutting out our stories and our nature.
We are not a special creature on this planet, we are but one of the creatures on this rock hurtling through space on a journey of forever, for which there is no time.
We, as the other species which have come and gone, evolved or past on, all in a cycle with the cosmos are a part of “The Circle of’ Life”.
We are in connection with all yet disconnected from all and like the yoyo we are winding back up the string to be played out again to a new direction.
It is a great time to be here as witness to a new age. Born again to the same mother earth.


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