The Brandon Adventure

LGRYC Brandon Manitoba

LGRYC Brandon Manitoba

A week of cold and colder. This is what Brandon presented.
The trip to play outside and create the entry and centre piece for the LG Rock Your City concert. Eight to ten hour days in the cold was our part.
Starting on the 14th with the long drive from Winnipeg, work started with the filling of the fountain pond in Princess Park of downtown Brandon.
The centre piece of the fountain was then covered over with form-work and packed with snow to make way for the LG logo centre piece.
Four long curved entry walls were constructed using a slip form and they were sculpted with the Rocks Your City logos and branding.
A skyline was the continuity of the sculptures which depicted a large urban city completely unlike Brandon’s. The tall towers and multitude of office type structure showed that city of the indoor professional, not that city which Brandon is, as it is a rural hub of farmland which stretches out in all directions.
The concert event with snow board demonstration to be held on the 22nd is the culmination of the work as 5000 hopefully attendees will fill the park and of course beer garden as they rock out from noon until sunset.
The curious onlookers watched as the show set up, complete with large mobile stage used for such outdoor venues.
The local eatery across the road Komfort Kitchen provided us with warmth and their food was good to get the engine going in the morning.
A new population of immigrants reestablishing the forgotten downtown core provided most excellent food for the mid day meal. Each as authentic as the country of their origin, made with the ingredients available in this community and all supported by the locals who have never had such things.
The University of Brandon was our sleep spot. Dorm life certainly is something. It’s to bad they don’t provide the nutrition for the body as they progress to have for the mind. Soulless food and little chance for anything else with no facility to prepare something for ones self unless you are on a raw diet.
All in all it was a visit I would love to have again. Brandon is a wonderful small town with great architecture, lovely people and that bright endless prairie sky, complete with a full moon.


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