Just rambling on

Thank you for closing your window, because you think it’s cold at plus 7, shutting away that remade cacophony of disco era poot. I may leave mine open because I find it comfortable.
This theme, a barrage of Noiz which spews from my mouth or, which runs through my head when I believe I’m the only one upon this planet.
Through childhood I didn’t notice this behavior of intolerance. I saw a more limitless possibility to what was tolerated.
Having caught myself I now see more vividly this state of intolerance in the world around me.
It’s not so much on a personal level as it is on a state level which pushes us to define our boundaries both in physical space as well as our personal mental state.
Defining boundaries however implies limitation, and thus far I have seen only limitless possibility and potential, but a reluctance to exercise either because of the state of governance.
To govern is to hamper and limit, yet the masses clamor for more.


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