Want not to waste not

The cloths, cast off by a people to blind to see they are still cloths. They are just not the color they are told they are supposed to buy. The collected rubbish of years of collecting rubbish. 
Some want to get out from totalitarian model of governance to move to freedom. Some people want more of the fascism method of corporate governance to get freedom. Many have no clue what any of it is.  There are balloons which are overinflated to burst with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of hot air, now brought to the point of an asthmatic weezing, with an accompanying hacking cough. The pin the tail on the donkey game is so much easier when you can see the ass that others can’t and don’t. Many believe they are just here on this planet to make small green pieces of paper happy, while receiving no happiness in turn. 
This is the hell of here. Good prospects if you like raping, and pillaging. Travel the world, and plunder some others fruit because you have green paper, but never let the sweat come to the brow because of labor. Where is the original title from which you perceive to derive claim to any land. There is none as we are autonomous sovereign individuals all and each. 
I like the sweat on my brow, I like to till the soil, construct the shelter, but for reward or treats like one gives a good dog, I care not. 
Many still choose to solve problems by consuming more, and not looking at the cost, only the price, deluded by the spiral of advertising rhetoric. 
I look out to see all these walls around, stealing more ground, building more walls. Places I could gather simple foods bulldozed under so mega-mart can open up and sell shit from across the globe, but they sell nothing like that which they have taken away. 
Yes indeed, they not only did say, but I had seen, paradise, and it is now a strip of land between two parking lots and a drive-thru. 
Now I must go further to gather to forage, and there, is more wall, more fence, less land for things to grow that once grew. 
Concrete and dead land, no life with in it and above it. Diversity of plant, animal, and insect, mowed, fertilized, herbicide and pesticided away. Take away their food and then kill them for eating ours. 
Day of the triffids, forced back to the land, much simpler but still advanced society. The great key will be uncovered for another great lock. I look forward and I should look forward as I have some control of what is to the front of me. For the past has come and gone as the present in coming and going in each, and every moment. 


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