Oh man what direction do I drift today.

I can only laugh. Inside of coarse, because it’s only humorous to me.
The subject is those who do not put out physical effort to obtain there daily bread.
Those who sell rocks, trees, water, and the myriad gases which make up this planet.
What blind and duplicitous folk we are to buy in to such a far fetched scheme. Do you want to buy swampland in Florida seems laughable to compare.
New economic and world model solutions perpetrate this stupidity of culture which we call western. Political
So we don’t live in the woods. Who doesn’t. Just because you take a picture of it, you mow it down, you pave it over, build dwellings upon it from materials not of the land upon which you stand. It does not mean you are not a part to nature, and that you still don’t live in the woods. Without the constant of maintenance this paved over world will crumble back to woods or the nature from which it supplanted.
So have you ever stopped to think. I have some thoughts, for instance, an airline flight, over four hundred people must do something in order that I can fly. At the end of the day we wish to eat and sleep, some will eat very well and others not at all, some will sleep oblivious and comfortable, others will have none.
If none had to labor so that I could fly by airline all would have equal opportunity to provide to his own or as a member of community the daily bread and have comfort of restful sleep for he would work for his needs first as I should for mine. My life, I should live it.
There is no home version of life. There is no dice rolling, hope, and pay off.
Go on, or come on already, Life man, live it.


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