Working hard and getting ahead of what?

What a farce of idea or notion.
Working hard but not for ones self or community, but for a third party most usually unknown.
Getting ahead of just what exactly. There is exactly nothing one could possibly get ahead of. Don’t forget the planet is round therefore no start and no finish. So no ahead can be gotten, kind of like chasing the carrot but never getting near to catch it.
So what exactly would you work hard for when there is no getting ahead. The collection of objects, while used as an incentive to working hard, is hardly getting ahead. In fact the accumulation makes getting anywhere more difficult by the shear volume of effort needed to maintain and move the collected accumulation.
Some misguided reasoning perpetrated through propaganda that keeps the idea alive.
If the thought of holding some up to a higher light then yourself and to achieve the possibility of this higher light you must work hard and be subservient to those who do not work hard and hold this light you so desire. Is to ignore fact. These looked up to as ones of a higher light have never worked hard nor been subservient to others. That’s the way to achieving their kind of success. Do nothing but let people see you, think of you, and call out your name.
It’s the cult of personality with out being personable.


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