Where are we today

Brought out from darkness into the light. The less traveled path, ridiculed by many as they understand not the meandering path but the straight line. Incremental movements as a cog on a gear, slowly rotating and wearing down until useless. Justifying their place in the machine but not wanting to see or feel outside of the mechanism, the organism which we live and breathe as part of.
The basics are ignored, as everything is brought and bought. The best things in life are free is just a catch phrase like freedom.
When will you wake to the reality and shut out the banality, that remade cacophony of disco era poot, a barrage of Noiz which spews from some mouth or, which runs endless through your head making believe you’re the only one upon this planet.
Through childhood I didn’t notice this behavior of intolerance. I saw a more limitless possibility to what was tolerated.
Having caught myself I now see more vividly this state of intolerance in the world around me.
It’s not so much on a personal level as it is on a state level which pushes us to define our boundaries both in physical space as well as our personal mental state.
Defining boundaries however implies limitation, and thus far I have seen only limitless possibility and potential, but a reluctance to exercise either because of the state of governance.
To govern is to hamper and limit, yet the masses clamor for more.


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