Church, State, and Educate

Law is merely a wall which keeps you contained. A Master, God, in opposition Dog and Master!  When true to oneself you are the master, the law, creating the wall which keeps the predators and liars lairs at bay. The pattern was started with ten, to keep your hands from becoming idle. Authority of another over your actions; and the rewards or repercussions to those actions. Misguiding you, throwing out your compass, stealing away your man_hood.
To bring a people to a belief, contrary to, and, irrationally different from that of reality including the culture of their own. You must destroy the culture and subjugate the Peoples. This is how Christianity Tainted Christ and implemented its propagandist programing through the World. Deceiving free people living in liberty and perfecting them according to Christian doctrine; indoctrinated, humanized, taught and evangelized no longer man, now human, busily active, running smoothly.
Brought the Christian Cross, a sign of Humanization, subjugated to kneel down before it and pay it tribute with labor for its gain and not your own.

To face the Law up against the Wall, you must subjugate to the commandments of sin or you will be sacrificed, as Jesus, one who saw the falsehood of the claim against him and would not be subjected to being numbered, to be counted as a slave to the service and worship of a deity with claims of divine judgement, yet not intuitively perceptive to be divine.
Church, State, and Educate
That’s the way to Subjugate


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