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May 8, 2012

how does it work an open source solution

i am theorizing on the mechanics of the language. / ? how are the rules written?

it’s as if it were an operating system and I’m thinking it will reveal itself by reverse engineering.

my assumption is based on the facts i see around me.

the rhetoric i hear………. that ZION……….. that NOIZ

i’ve also been thinking………. about and speaking to punctuation and intonation

the delivery of speeches

to derive a specific responsive meaning

in opposition to that which is actually written in transcript

which delivers an entirely different message

i find it interesting that some words such as

[phy or because of rules of vowels the i must be interchangeable…..therefore phi]

the 21st letter greek [ u ]

it shows physics as phi-sic or u-sic

and you might say well you can do that with all sorts of words!!!!

but did you ever put them together

did you ever dissect to find the root

did you ever think

beyond wonder

why and how words work backwards and forwards

and it seems to me were under some authority which claims the authority because


and even if everyone could see it

would they see it

and we chop down more trees

to draw squiggly lines

May 7, 2012

Exposing the GOD monster

Exposing the GOD monster
using the principles of engineering to discover the hidden meaning of the written word
God’s Green earth
God’s Law
Read between the lines
Know a book by it’s cover
Know a book front to back, back to front.
Know a book inside out.
HE-Brew …. in-deed
To understand the deception of the squiggly line you must realize Eng-lish is Eng-ineered
Has Vow-els to bridge gaps a,e, IOU ….and sometimes …Y ?
because the language is engineered
it just has to be close enough sometimes
because close can be just-if-ied and
O – I – L
d-RUG read urg URG or urge ( seeing things )
as with any engineering problem you break it back down,

re-verse engineer it piece by peace
to discover the reason for failure.
when you see the WALl

you keep bumping into the LAW
would you not be tempted
to see-k the door


we read the lines
speak to reading between them
never realizing there is nothing there
closing the book
all opens around you
Peek – a – boo
we pour through the squiggles
and t-HE-Y sell us m-ORE
we forgot we see
with SH-ape and CO-lour
now we have b-LACK
and w-HIT-e

in ex-posing
the g-OD
Mon- Ster
it can be De-mon- Srated
h-ow it is
Steer-ing Man

we had a

in which to play
now we col-labor-Ate
and they CAPITALIZE on this
as we pave over our home


t-HE-Y give us wh-eat
and m-eat
but we don’t eat veg-tables

t-HE-Y tempt us with
lett us
to mate o
when t-HE-Y
serve up


t-HE-Y teach us
at Uni-VERSE-ity
the stain glass is in the building windows

and Phy-Sics
to alter

Red – blood – animals
Blue – elements – ocean/ sky
Green – the land – vegetation

to ex-ploit
Blue – elements – ocean/ sky
Green – the land – vegetation

t-HE twisting together of
Orange – mixed blood – animals
Blue – elements – ocean/ sky
Green – the land – vegetation
and the alter-ed
Yellow of Che-mistry and

Written over natural law
Green – the land – our mother

The application of non natural means.

m-any c-o-me l-earn
t-HE-Y re-cieve
no-w we k-no-w
s-O we don’t have
to ask wh-Y
and this is
i see

Has clear glass
So you can clearly see what your
l-Earning to t-Each

how the letters work
[s] is for Com-me-rse certainly seems like getting fucked in the ass
in opposition to being kcufed upside the head
[‘s] posses-ive
[$] do-llar or doll-ar
[‘t] word runs back to front
[t] dead end
[g] if at f-ore of wor-d vow-el following makes “g” silent
if at end of wor-d vow-el beg-ins t-He wor-d
[d] is silent
[o and a] interchangeable
[x] death
[L] law,
[l] hell like