how does it work an open source solution

i am theorizing on the mechanics of the language. / ? how are the rules written?

it’s as if it were an operating system and I’m thinking it will reveal itself by reverse engineering.

my assumption is based on the facts i see around me.

the rhetoric i hear………. that ZION……….. that NOIZ

i’ve also been thinking………. about and speaking to punctuation and intonation

the delivery of speeches

to derive a specific responsive meaning

in opposition to that which is actually written in transcript

which delivers an entirely different message

i find it interesting that some words such as

[phy or because of rules of vowels the i must be interchangeable…..therefore phi]

the 21st letter greek [ u ]

it shows physics as phi-sic or u-sic

and you might say well you can do that with all sorts of words!!!!

but did you ever put them together

did you ever dissect to find the root

did you ever think

beyond wonder

why and how words work backwards and forwards

and it seems to me were under some authority which claims the authority because


and even if everyone could see it

would they see it

and we chop down more trees

to draw squiggly lines


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