The ability to cloud men’s mind. Did the shadow know?

The ability to control men’s minds.
Eastern mystical idea or reality.
There is no greater control mechanism over mans mind then that of the squiggly line set in text upon a page. Well it’s not that squiggly really, it’s stayed, rigid, and stiff. Mechanical as engineering could manage it.
When one looks upon the printed language they see words in representation to actions,
but they do not see the associate letters and words as representative to function.
To think from within ones own mind with thoughts not common but unique is not welcome.
The methodology of the trick is brilliant in it’s simplicity, and its significence unseen.
A basis to build a society upon in contervention of natures over ruling law.
Many are affected with the parasitic affliction and try to inflict this disease upon all,
never seeing the damage they contribute to nor that which reality has placed before them.
The reader is a voracious consumer and bloats to a point where nothing beyond the printed word seems real. Media and Law both trip over there own words. So many twists, usages, references to. The effect is a void, empty as the offerings they hold and behold.
Unable to see through the toxic fat which infects the mind, obscuring the senses. All is so complex without the handhold of instruction, as they stand at the corner of the empty street not comprehending any pattern of self thought, waiting for a symbol suggesting safe passage across the empty street.
The educated fail to educe or develop the senses which are inherent as a universal trait, instead they rely upon the base word of prophets for the express purpose of attaining profits, under assumption this is how man was meant to be free and independent, not just a ducet used as collateral in slave trading.


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