Deconstructing the anglicon and the vaticon to reveal the buddhacon and the way “om”

Deconstructing the english word structure. An engineered lock which can be picked, but not without a key.
I find it a contentious fallacy to give li-brar-y the entomological connection to “libra” and liberty. To me it defies logic as well as reality. If such were truth would it not be pronounced “libra-ry”.
As “li-brar-y” the phonics give meaning.
Lie – not truth
Brar – a rabbit, the trickster
why – to misdirect this with grammar – a set of rules given by authority, which I notice as two “rams” which no matter the direction you take it or look on it, they can send you down the myriad of holes, keeping you senseless to the truth. It is by these observations I’ve looked at the mnemonic english word structure as an engineered construct and have started to reverse engineer it to find it methodology which controls man, out of his nature.
Thank you Francis Bacon.
One of Bacon’s mottoes was “Mente Videbor”–“By the mind I shall be seen”. This suggests some form of dramatic teaching as practised by the ancients in the days of the Mysteries.
Making the word flesh or truth, could not be accomplished except through the medium of a modern language. Language, and the command of it, has become the modern instrument of power. “The original construction of that great instrument the English language, and the planting of it in North America were the two essential parts of one great enterprise.”(Bismark) Engaged in this work was a group of talented men of action and men of letters.
Interesting to note, a sheep goes “ba” and a “con” has brought on to us, the word.
free dominion is the long form of the abbreviation bandied about.
Which as abbreviation means not literal in dominion.
Letters unlike language as word to communicate, form a structure which is used to elucidate.

These following are the “ok” words, a hat off to Loki, the trickster.

no matter if it
Coke or
smoke or
toke or
poke or
joke or

if you buy it as commodity
you don’t see you’ve been
souled; a moke in a yoke

the common thread in these words “ture” a miscarriage of “true”
and unlike
“nature” are not a truth in and of themselves, but rather they are representation in form as a truth
“nature” is a double negative in this sense therefore they cancel and make it truth.

How stuff works
“o” in letter form refers to you
“k” in letter form is a judgement
a complex structure which needs prop to hold it up and has tendency to go off on tangent
“l” in letter form is law unbreakable a cardinal tenant
“b” in letter form is you up against the wall, but you can tear these down when you learn the laws which with a trick to your eye they seem to defy

the “o” and the “k” used together make “ok” which is part truth, therefore only one wall “k”
add “a” such as in “cloak” and it becomes all “aok” mighty, towering, strong
add “c” and the word now becomes a lock, a fixture as in to cause measure, restraint “clock”
“o” “c” the walls to either side “l” “k”
“p” is you in function, a thing you have to perform
when it follows after “o” it becomes “op” as if it like a natural function
“i” one in ponder, thinking.
“d” what one stands up to do.
“u” of or appropriate to the upper class.
“n” a cloak : as like no; no would signal the intuitive “why”, to trigger and ask ,”why no?”
nice ; subjective, asks why cold empty.

“g” this is the one which ties it all together, as here in lowercase it is quite benign. as an uppercase “G” it is the broken whole, the “O” you, which is in need of the guidance of a master

“ru” reveal to you
“ur” you retard

The white poisons. These words take what is common and commoditize them into abomination of their natural intention.

Sweat, which should pronounce as the others. However you’ll work your ass of to obtain it and it will make you “sweet”, as like “wet”.


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