The Leash it’s your collar to remove

The barrage of simulation, an incessant media, noiz/zion the “word”.
Not a tool of enlightenment,
rather a tool of confusion, delusion, a perfusion of illusion.
A supernatural man concocted “hebrew” device, witch diabolically was composed symbolically in script, claimed as true, created and dispelled by the exacting gentlemen to cause judgement and pass sentence against all man living with nature and not by the lurid rules of word.
This was given over to the angle, that created by principle of sciences, engineering and alchemy.
This collection of angles and curves, consonantly vowels man through the imagery and actions of theatre.
A screen is created to cloud mans mind, cause psychotic delusions in the conscious mind, shut off all perceptions by the common senses, and create automatons, an affront to the true nature of man.


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