Say no to words as life.

When words are read and on to them are given terms of action the viewer is pushed to a transitory state where by the mind hallucinates the imagined presentation of false titivation to cause titillation of the senses without actual sensory input, no stimulation as they fail entirely to see words functionally in action. They give on to these constructs simulation of life and as like the Frankenstein it makes every attempt to become alive
This practise of simulation leaves the common senses dulled and imperceptible. They are even dismissed as hearsay and the five openly perceived senses are presented with illusory imaginings to cause clutter and storage, content occupying space for recall with out being of necessity.
The power that could be utilized is disabled, in a fragmented state, misused to the purpose of clutter. Collection aimed towards bringing the imaginings life, a belief that they exist, a belief that they are the dictate to life in opposition to life dictating to imaginings. The stifle of creativity for all is from creation.


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