Raze a reader

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open. Imagining by engineered mental construction. The open unknowing susceptibility to unreal influence.
What reading is not is the amazing untitled reality, the real world, the world which is a constant and continuous action in interaction.
Reading is with regards to “ad” as in advert, adversarial, or to avert, it removes ones attentions, depleting energies, causing deficit or deaf and sit, claiming supernatural, scripted rules, dictatorial power, angles came down from the heavens and gave on to us this freedom, this referee of dominion and domination.
Real is with regards to “al” which is all, everything, natural and unruled, unscripted, energetic, without diction, the heavens are full of stars and we can read them and we understand our orientation within space by them and we understand by them the changes that occur.

None of that is found in read.

When words are read and on to them are given terms of action the viewer is pushed to a transitory state where by the mind hallucinates the imagined presentation of false titivation to cause titillation of the senses without actual sensory input, no stimulation as they fail entirely to see words functionally in action.
One gives on to these constructs simulation of life and as like the pieced together Frankenstein it makes every attempt to become alive.
This practise of simulation leaves the common senses dulled and imperceptible. Even dismissed as hearsay and the five openly perceived senses are presented with illusory information to cause clutter and storage, content occupying space for recall with out being of necessity.
The power that could be utilized is disabled, in a fragmented state, misused to the purpose of clutter sorting, information collection aimed at enabling the imaginings to life, a belief that the imagined exist, a belief that the imaginings are the dictate to life, in opposition to life of the living.
As like a hammer being held with the head in the hand and the handle being used to drive a nail. Understanding the action of swing and strike is acceptable to a degree, but not understanding the functional operation of the hammer leaves one dumbstruck.
Word is a compilation of angles and so multiple paths are within each structure based upon simple principles of engineering.
The presented word is seen with the conscious information mind and unless the subconscious creative mind is active, not suppressed or drugged, the word is acted on with out true understanding of the functional aspects and triggers to response contained within.
The subconscious filter allows the word to be analyzed, it is broken down to all anagram possibilities and recompiled to demonstrate truth or fact from faction, fashion, fascism, demonstrating the fiction.
For most the connection between the two minds is at disconnect. The subconscious knowing mind is always questioned by the reactionary, always on the alarm conscious mind, and a dismissal of common human traits is made through conscious thought.
Second guessing.


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