The spirit is real not souled on to you.

Spirited yes, but souled not. For the soul is a parasitic contaminant by which our free spirit energy is captured and chris-tained, harnessed through in-formation, spelled to think on subjects without objection. To live as third party to our nature. Iu
It captures the spirit through imaginings of that which is not real. it captivates and lures by rules. Feeding upon it’s energy until it is being spent to be finally released as a burst upon its hosts demise.
It seems a “man i cure” device to tap that wealth of energy through deception, spell, and sentence.
The ignorance is to not see through it, and as is claimed ignorance of the law is no excuse, so to is the ignorance that law does not exist in truth.
Truth is the only valid truth.
It does not exist in contrived, construed, constructed imaginings of spell binding wordsmiths.
Their sentence are not valid are not true.
And what’s not true is but UN construe.
The book from in witch word it is construct
To this point we arrive seeing all before was contrived.
You are story, you’re story of your story.
Not history nor his story, nor its story.
You’re story.
How many stories
Of how many floor
Will it take to see walls
To make out the door
And when on out side
With out word
No laws
Oderific sensations
Real life
Not imagined machinations
This be a story
The story be you
Life not a file
In a case you did not knew
To live is not evil
It’s but spell and twist
Milked lait to a tail
Imagined devil lived high
Its part too of a tale
Calm plicity
Concomitantly it does try to be.
Vitrueosity not contriveity

Close off all the chapters
be freely a live


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