It is. knot what it seems!

The devine sacredness of nature’s geometry, language, has been supplanted with mathematics and the word.
Mathematics weakly attempts to discover the in plain site with complicated equations, formulas, theories, speculations while obscuring those quantities which are.
The science of discoveries a mere pittance in natures compare with retardation of knowing at each claimed advance.
The word is a scripted formula based in numbers, gematria, engineered to reflect a close approximation of the perfected golden ratio, without being anything more then absurd conceptual ideas rearranged ad nauseam. Sentences are composed formulas, contrary incantations against the devine, placing us outside of our world and into only imagined realms retained by the unseen leash.
It is met with ridicule to see to know, and not to believe, to be sense abled, to communicate at the conscious level without speaking. Such an oppositional state exists that knowing without titling is entirely foreign.
These two parasites one and the same, have infiltrated almost the entirety of human kind.
Their usage continues to supply ever better methods of removing us completely from our nature, this once universal knowing and ability of communication. The inherent system with capabilities far greater than the mythical Babble Fish and all the encyclopedia of Britannia.


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