May 8, 2012

how does it work an open source solution

i am theorizing on the mechanics of the language. / ? how are the rules written?

it’s as if it were an operating system and I’m thinking it will reveal itself by reverse engineering.

my assumption is based on the facts i see around me.

the rhetoric i hear………. that ZION……….. that NOIZ

i’ve also been thinking………. about and speaking to punctuation and intonation

the delivery of speeches

to derive a specific responsive meaning

in opposition to that which is actually written in transcript

which delivers an entirely different message

i find it interesting that some words such as

[phy or because of rules of vowels the i must be interchangeable…..therefore phi]

the 21st letter greek [ u ]

it shows physics as phi-sic or u-sic

and you might say well you can do that with all sorts of words!!!!

but did you ever put them together

did you ever dissect to find the root

did you ever think

beyond wonder

why and how words work backwards and forwards

and it seems to me were under some authority which claims the authority because


and even if everyone could see it

would they see it

and we chop down more trees

to draw squiggly lines

May 7, 2012

Exposing the GOD monster

Exposing the GOD monster
using the principles of engineering to discover the hidden meaning of the written word
God’s Green earth
God’s Law
Read between the lines
Know a book by it’s cover
Know a book front to back, back to front.
Know a book inside out.
HE-Brew …. in-deed
To understand the deception of the squiggly line you must realize Eng-lish is Eng-ineered
Has Vow-els to bridge gaps a,e, IOU ….and sometimes …Y ?
because the language is engineered
it just has to be close enough sometimes
because close can be just-if-ied and
O – I – L
d-RUG read urg URG or urge ( seeing things )
as with any engineering problem you break it back down,

re-verse engineer it piece by peace
to discover the reason for failure.
when you see the WALl

you keep bumping into the LAW
would you not be tempted
to see-k the door


we read the lines
speak to reading between them
never realizing there is nothing there
closing the book
all opens around you
Peek – a – boo
we pour through the squiggles
and t-HE-Y sell us m-ORE
we forgot we see
with SH-ape and CO-lour
now we have b-LACK
and w-HIT-e

in ex-posing
the g-OD
Mon- Ster
it can be De-mon- Srated
h-ow it is
Steer-ing Man

we had a

in which to play
now we col-labor-Ate
and they CAPITALIZE on this
as we pave over our home


t-HE-Y give us wh-eat
and m-eat
but we don’t eat veg-tables

t-HE-Y tempt us with
lett us
to mate o
when t-HE-Y
serve up


t-HE-Y teach us
at Uni-VERSE-ity
the stain glass is in the building windows

and Phy-Sics
to alter

Red – blood – animals
Blue – elements – ocean/ sky
Green – the land – vegetation

to ex-ploit
Blue – elements – ocean/ sky
Green – the land – vegetation

t-HE twisting together of
Orange – mixed blood – animals
Blue – elements – ocean/ sky
Green – the land – vegetation
and the alter-ed
Yellow of Che-mistry and

Written over natural law
Green – the land – our mother

The application of non natural means.

m-any c-o-me l-earn
t-HE-Y re-cieve
no-w we k-no-w
s-O we don’t have
to ask wh-Y
and this is
i see

Has clear glass
So you can clearly see what your
l-Earning to t-Each

how the letters work
[s] is for Com-me-rse certainly seems like getting fucked in the ass
in opposition to being kcufed upside the head
[‘s] posses-ive
[$] do-llar or doll-ar
[‘t] word runs back to front
[t] dead end
[g] if at f-ore of wor-d vow-el following makes “g” silent
if at end of wor-d vow-el beg-ins t-He wor-d
[d] is silent
[o and a] interchangeable
[x] death
[L] law,
[l] hell like

March 28, 2012

Church, State, and Educate

Law is merely a wall which keeps you contained. A Master, God, in opposition Dog and Master!  When true to oneself you are the master, the law, creating the wall which keeps the predators and liars lairs at bay. The pattern was started with ten, to keep your hands from becoming idle. Authority of another over your actions; and the rewards or repercussions to those actions. Misguiding you, throwing out your compass, stealing away your man_hood.
To bring a people to a belief, contrary to, and, irrationally different from that of reality including the culture of their own. You must destroy the culture and subjugate the Peoples. This is how Christianity Tainted Christ and implemented its propagandist programing through the World. Deceiving free people living in liberty and perfecting them according to Christian doctrine; indoctrinated, humanized, taught and evangelized no longer man, now human, busily active, running smoothly.
Brought the Christian Cross, a sign of Humanization, subjugated to kneel down before it and pay it tribute with labor for its gain and not your own.

To face the Law up against the Wall, you must subjugate to the commandments of sin or you will be sacrificed, as Jesus, one who saw the falsehood of the claim against him and would not be subjected to being numbered, to be counted as a slave to the service and worship of a deity with claims of divine judgement, yet not intuitively perceptive to be divine.
Church, State, and Educate
That’s the way to Subjugate

January 23, 2012

Thoughts at Random

What content does one illucidate upon with random thoughts. Perhaps a cohesive grouping will shine itself through this morass of words compiled together, or cobbled as it were. Chasing the who, the what, the where, when, and that ubiquitous how. Why is never in the mix as there is generally no need to seek any of the others. Questions which deny freedom. For freedom is not a questionable circumstance, but is hampered with imparment of circumstance when answers to improper questions are sought.
To question is to judge instead of having judgement.

September 27, 2011

Where are we today

Brought out from darkness into the light. The less traveled path, ridiculed by many as they understand not the meandering path but the straight line. Incremental movements as a cog on a gear, slowly rotating and wearing down until useless. Justifying their place in the machine but not wanting to see or feel outside of the mechanism, the organism which we live and breathe as part of.
The basics are ignored, as everything is brought and bought. The best things in life are free is just a catch phrase like freedom.
When will you wake to the reality and shut out the banality, that remade cacophony of disco era poot, a barrage of Noiz which spews from some mouth or, which runs endless through your head making believe you’re the only one upon this planet.
Through childhood I didn’t notice this behavior of intolerance. I saw a more limitless possibility to what was tolerated.
Having caught myself I now see more vividly this state of intolerance in the world around me.
It’s not so much on a personal level as it is on a state level which pushes us to define our boundaries both in physical space as well as our personal mental state.
Defining boundaries however implies limitation, and thus far I have seen only limitless possibility and potential, but a reluctance to exercise either because of the state of governance.
To govern is to hamper and limit, yet the masses clamor for more.

June 18, 2011

Working hard and getting ahead of what?

What a farce of idea or notion.
Working hard but not for ones self or community, but for a third party most usually unknown.
Getting ahead of just what exactly. There is exactly nothing one could possibly get ahead of. Don’t forget the planet is round therefore no start and no finish. So no ahead can be gotten, kind of like chasing the carrot but never getting near to catch it.
So what exactly would you work hard for when there is no getting ahead. The collection of objects, while used as an incentive to working hard, is hardly getting ahead. In fact the accumulation makes getting anywhere more difficult by the shear volume of effort needed to maintain and move the collected accumulation.
Some misguided reasoning perpetrated through propaganda that keeps the idea alive.
If the thought of holding some up to a higher light then yourself and to achieve the possibility of this higher light you must work hard and be subservient to those who do not work hard and hold this light you so desire. Is to ignore fact. These looked up to as ones of a higher light have never worked hard nor been subservient to others. That’s the way to achieving their kind of success. Do nothing but let people see you, think of you, and call out your name.
It’s the cult of personality with out being personable.

March 27, 2011

Oh man what direction do I drift today.

I can only laugh. Inside of coarse, because it’s only humorous to me.
The subject is those who do not put out physical effort to obtain there daily bread.
Those who sell rocks, trees, water, and the myriad gases which make up this planet.
What blind and duplicitous folk we are to buy in to such a far fetched scheme. Do you want to buy swampland in Florida seems laughable to compare.
New economic and world model solutions perpetrate this stupidity of culture which we call western. Political
So we don’t live in the woods. Who doesn’t. Just because you take a picture of it, you mow it down, you pave it over, build dwellings upon it from materials not of the land upon which you stand. It does not mean you are not a part to nature, and that you still don’t live in the woods. Without the constant of maintenance this paved over world will crumble back to woods or the nature from which it supplanted.
So have you ever stopped to think. I have some thoughts, for instance, an airline flight, over four hundred people must do something in order that I can fly. At the end of the day we wish to eat and sleep, some will eat very well and others not at all, some will sleep oblivious and comfortable, others will have none.
If none had to labor so that I could fly by airline all would have equal opportunity to provide to his own or as a member of community the daily bread and have comfort of restful sleep for he would work for his needs first as I should for mine. My life, I should live it.
There is no home version of life. There is no dice rolling, hope, and pay off.
Go on, or come on already, Life man, live it.

February 1, 2011

Want not to waste not

The cloths, cast off by a people to blind to see they are still cloths. They are just not the color they are told they are supposed to buy. The collected rubbish of years of collecting rubbish. 
Some want to get out from totalitarian model of governance to move to freedom. Some people want more of the fascism method of corporate governance to get freedom. Many have no clue what any of it is.  There are balloons which are overinflated to burst with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of hot air, now brought to the point of an asthmatic weezing, with an accompanying hacking cough. The pin the tail on the donkey game is so much easier when you can see the ass that others can’t and don’t. Many believe they are just here on this planet to make small green pieces of paper happy, while receiving no happiness in turn. 
This is the hell of here. Good prospects if you like raping, and pillaging. Travel the world, and plunder some others fruit because you have green paper, but never let the sweat come to the brow because of labor. Where is the original title from which you perceive to derive claim to any land. There is none as we are autonomous sovereign individuals all and each. 
I like the sweat on my brow, I like to till the soil, construct the shelter, but for reward or treats like one gives a good dog, I care not. 
Many still choose to solve problems by consuming more, and not looking at the cost, only the price, deluded by the spiral of advertising rhetoric. 
I look out to see all these walls around, stealing more ground, building more walls. Places I could gather simple foods bulldozed under so mega-mart can open up and sell shit from across the globe, but they sell nothing like that which they have taken away. 
Yes indeed, they not only did say, but I had seen, paradise, and it is now a strip of land between two parking lots and a drive-thru. 
Now I must go further to gather to forage, and there, is more wall, more fence, less land for things to grow that once grew. 
Concrete and dead land, no life with in it and above it. Diversity of plant, animal, and insect, mowed, fertilized, herbicide and pesticided away. Take away their food and then kill them for eating ours. 
Day of the triffids, forced back to the land, much simpler but still advanced society. The great key will be uncovered for another great lock. I look forward and I should look forward as I have some control of what is to the front of me. For the past has come and gone as the present in coming and going in each, and every moment. 

January 25, 2011

Just rambling on

Thank you for closing your window, because you think it’s cold at plus 7, shutting away that remade cacophony of disco era poot. I may leave mine open because I find it comfortable.
This theme, a barrage of Noiz which spews from my mouth or, which runs through my head when I believe I’m the only one upon this planet.
Through childhood I didn’t notice this behavior of intolerance. I saw a more limitless possibility to what was tolerated.
Having caught myself I now see more vividly this state of intolerance in the world around me.
It’s not so much on a personal level as it is on a state level which pushes us to define our boundaries both in physical space as well as our personal mental state.
Defining boundaries however implies limitation, and thus far I have seen only limitless possibility and potential, but a reluctance to exercise either because of the state of governance.
To govern is to hamper and limit, yet the masses clamor for more.

January 23, 2011

The Brandon Adventure

LGRYC Brandon Manitoba

LGRYC Brandon Manitoba

A week of cold and colder. This is what Brandon presented.
The trip to play outside and create the entry and centre piece for the LG Rock Your City concert. Eight to ten hour days in the cold was our part.
Starting on the 14th with the long drive from Winnipeg, work started with the filling of the fountain pond in Princess Park of downtown Brandon.
The centre piece of the fountain was then covered over with form-work and packed with snow to make way for the LG logo centre piece.
Four long curved entry walls were constructed using a slip form and they were sculpted with the Rocks Your City logos and branding.
A skyline was the continuity of the sculptures which depicted a large urban city completely unlike Brandon’s. The tall towers and multitude of office type structure showed that city of the indoor professional, not that city which Brandon is, as it is a rural hub of farmland which stretches out in all directions.
The concert event with snow board demonstration to be held on the 22nd is the culmination of the work as 5000 hopefully attendees will fill the park and of course beer garden as they rock out from noon until sunset.
The curious onlookers watched as the show set up, complete with large mobile stage used for such outdoor venues.
The local eatery across the road Komfort Kitchen provided us with warmth and their food was good to get the engine going in the morning.
A new population of immigrants reestablishing the forgotten downtown core provided most excellent food for the mid day meal. Each as authentic as the country of their origin, made with the ingredients available in this community and all supported by the locals who have never had such things.
The University of Brandon was our sleep spot. Dorm life certainly is something. It’s to bad they don’t provide the nutrition for the body as they progress to have for the mind. Soulless food and little chance for anything else with no facility to prepare something for ones self unless you are on a raw diet.
All in all it was a visit I would love to have again. Brandon is a wonderful small town with great architecture, lovely people and that bright endless prairie sky, complete with a full moon.